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Solar cells Essay Examples

Solar cells today are mostly made of silicon, one of the most common elements on Earth.  The crystalline silicon solar cell was one of the first types to be developed and it is still the most common type in use… Continue Reading →

Solar Energy – The Energy Of The Future?

About 47 per cent of the energy that the sun releases  to the earth actually reaches the ground.  About a third is reflected directly back into space by the atmosphere.  The time in which solar energy is available, is also… Continue Reading →

Mechanical Energy Essay Examples

Have you ever wondered how a jet aircraft lifts its tremendous weight off the ground, or what gives a runner the stamina to reach the finish line in a race?  In order to answer all these questions we must talk… Continue Reading →

Car Crashes Essay Examples

Two cars are travelling down a highway at 100 km/h in opposite directions. Both drivers are tired from driving all day and cross over the yellow line and hit head on. Crash! The driver of car A has remained inside… Continue Reading →

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